The Climbing Zine Book Paperback

The Climbing Zine Book Paperback

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The Climbing Zine Book, Paperback 

A collection of the best essays from Volumes 1-11. Here's the story list: 

The Painted Wall by Luke Mehall

The Long Way Back by Mike Reddy

Are We Born To Climb? Sending The Double Helix by D. Scott Borden

Jugs on Jugs by Gaelen Engler

Flirting with Dreams in The Valley of Stone by Drew Thayer

Sick, Brah: The Ineloquence of Talking About The Outdoors by Brendan Leonard

Climbing Past War by Stacy Bare

Time Continuum of Desert Road Tripping by Kevin Volkening

Crimson Bunny by Alexis McLean

A Narrow Escape on Mt. Kenya by Jason Haas

Growing Up Skinner by Becca Skinner

An Elixer of Freedom and Mixed Feelings by Alexa Flower

An Open Letter To The Buttermilks by Georgie Abel

The Long Run by Luke Mehall

From Midas’s Touch to a Green Thumb by Joy Martin

Approach As Pilgrimage by Tim Rogers

Old Becomes New in Indian Creek by Chris Schulte

A Venture Backward, Inward, and Upward by Rhiannon Williams

As Long As Life Endures: A Climber Wedding by Sara Aranda

The Prince P by Cyrena Lee

Up (and over) the Pope’s Nose by Josh Smith

Reflections on Dad by Tamara Robbins

Fill The Void by Shay Skinner

Granite Trinity by Michelle Dedischew

Going It Alone by Vic Zeilman

A Love Letter to Climbing by Ana Ally

Patience by Chris Schulte

Toe The Edge by Patrick Hodge

More To Give by Pete Whittaker

What We Talk About When We Talk About Choss by Steve “Crusher” Bartlett

Silent Partners by Luke Mehall

Do Not Go Outside To Cry by Kathy Karlo

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